The Great Salt Lake

As someone who lives in southern New England, where we rely on the changing of the seasons to be usually punctual and somewhat drastic, it’s certainly off-putting driving in the snow through Utah in the middle of May!

Photo by Liz Trombino IG: liz.trombino

The weather in the Park City and Salt Lake City areas started off just a bit dismal, but this made for its own unique experience. Driving into Salt Lake City, we saw a layer of clouds shrouding the mountains behind it, keeping them hidden from us foreign onlookers.

When suddenly, the sun shone through the snow clouds and the veil was lifted, revealing snow-capped giants that encompass the city. Mountains so big that you have to stick your head out the car window to actually see it in its entirety.

Photo by Liz Trombino IG: liz.trombino

After spending the night in an Airbnb in the company of a very nice, outgoing artist and her extremely fluffy dogs, we set out for Antelope Island, which lies near the middle of the Great Salt Lake. Antelope Island is a beautiful spot to not only look out at the massive salt lake and the surrounding mountains, but also a perfect location to view the areas wildlife.

Photo by Liz Trombino IG: liz.trombino

Upon arrival, we were immediately greeted by two bison (which we observed happily from a safe distance in the car) grazing and shedding their thick winter coats. Unlike the ones we saw in Badlands these bison were near the road, and they look very big up close…

Photo by Liz Trombino IG: liz.trombino

On the island itself there are plenty of areas to pull off and walk up to a rocky overlook or even gaze out from the beach at the frosted mountains across the lake. Sometimes, when the wind is calm enough, the water settles to glass, reflecting the mountains with perfect detail. Snow-capped giants looking at themselves in the Great Salt Lake mirror. You can look in all directions and see sheer beauty.

Utah’s ethereal mountains have left me inspired.

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