The American Road Trip: A Quick Look Back

“The roaring bonfire kept the mosquitoes away. A new moon peeked down through the pine boughs. We rolled out our sleeping bags and went to bed early. Bone weary.” – Jack Kerouac, The  Dharma Bums Sitting next to the creek that rushed through our campsite somewhere in Colorado, we stared into the campfire and realized... Continue Reading →

Arches National Park

Arches is yet another National Park in Utah that we had to blitz-hike… Arches National Park was Liz’s main destination of the trip, and it was our last National Park visit on this journey, so we were hyped about getting in. Unfortunately, we do what we do best and arrive at a destination in the... Continue Reading →

Zion National Park: Emerald Pools

It’s truly unbelievable how much Utah has to offer. If you love hiking and you end up in Utah on a cross-country road trip like us, be sure to make it to Zion National Park. The park has lots of trails to offer for every skill level, and I’m sure they’re all beautiful, but we... Continue Reading →

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