Endless Fields

Never-ending Fields of Ohio and Indiana

To kick things off, we woke up before the sun to head westward so that it could be at our backs as it rose in the morning. The trip so far has consisted of a roughly thirteen hour push of monotonous highway driving, interrupted only by pitching a tent and attempting to get enough sleep in order to get a head start again early the next morning.

A Whole Lot of Nothing

A large portion of today’s drive took place along I-80 which appears to slice through the rolling green hillsides of Pennsylvania, and serves as a perfect platform to view the wide nothingness of Ohio’s landscape. We’ve heard stories of the mid-west’s seemingly never ending oceans of corn.

However, driving across the country in the middle of May, well before the harvest season, one can watch equally vast seas of dirt and empty farmland passing the car window, truly exemplifying the monotony of the trip. I think I speak for the both of us in saying that corn would be a better sight.

We decided to finally set up camp for the night at a small, family-owned campground just barely on the Michigan side of the Michigan-Indiana border. There we were greeted by friendly, soft-spoken staff and went almost immediately to sleep after setting up our site.

As for right now, I lay on my back on the floor of the tent, kept awake by the sound of rain, thunder, and the neighbor’s country music radio station.

From somewhere in Michigan, and with a root digging into my left kidney…

Stay Lost,


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  1. Ahhh the corn fields! Never thought there was greater nothingness possible than endless fields of corn. Makes me want to drive in spring. Excellent writing–keep up the blogging!

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