Zion National Park: Emerald Pools

It’s truly unbelievable how much Utah has to offer. If you love hiking and you end up in Utah on a cross-country road trip like us, be sure to make it to Zion National Park. The park has lots of trails to offer for every skill level, and I’m sure they’re all beautiful, but we... Continue Reading →

Joshua Tree National Park After Dark

Joshua Tree's True Colors Show at Night After the sun sets, Joshua Tree turns into something wildly different. Half of the park’s beauty lies in the night sky. As day turns to dusk at Jumbo Rocks, the rocks themselves begin to look like the heads of men turned upward, foreshadowing the coming stars that will... Continue Reading →

Joshua Tree National Park

The desert of Joshua Tree is a terrible and beautiful place. Joshua Tree National Park lies on the border of the Mojave and Colorado Desert, where Whiptail lizards, Cholla cacti, and of course, Joshua Trees thrive. These life forms have adapted to survive in the intense heat and dryness of the desert. We have not.... Continue Reading →

The Great Salt Lake

As someone who lives in southern New England, where we rely on the changing of the seasons to be usually punctual and somewhat drastic, it’s certainly off-putting driving in the snow through Utah in the middle of May! The weather in the Park City and Salt Lake City areas started off just a bit dismal,... Continue Reading →

Badlands National Park

It’s difficult to find words to describe a place that has left me so speechless such as Badlands. After spending even more hours traveling through even more fields, with a few short visual breaks provided by Minnesota’s wind farms, we arrived at our first planned destination. Badlands is something other-worldly. We pulled off the highway... Continue Reading →

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